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Fox and Duck

August 2020
Additional Services:
Hosting, Maintenance

The Backstory

Situated in the picturesque village of Stotfold, Bedfordshire the Fox and Duck are at the heart of the community. Their existing website was extremely out of date and was in need of a desperate upgrade. We got in touch and provided them with a responsive, clean and budget friendly offering that satisfied the criteria. We worked with the Client to produce a clean, responsive website that fitted their needs. This was completed over a short timescale and was released through our Hosting Platform and the WordPress Content Management System.

Our Approach

As part of the development of this website, we upscaled and clean up their branding so it was usable in an online medium. The website features bold headings that suit the friendly and warm experience that users should expect from visiting the website and the pub in person. We have ensured that the design is clean, responsive and features a sharp typeface to ensure that a customer can easily view the menu, and other aspects of the website at a glance. The homepage includes the business’s reviews to show potential customers the quality of both the products but also the experience they will have and also their Social Media Feed so that customers can instantly see what the business has been doing recently. Our Design and Development combined with our Hosting services mean that the team at the Fox and Duck can login and edit their website at any point, giving them the flexibility over their brand, and website at any point.

The Impact

The website has seen great analytics both throughout the National Lockdown experienced here in the United Kingdom, but also following lockdown, where the website has excelled the most as people are now allowed to go inside pubs. The Menu was utilised throughout all of the lockdowns observed, which drove further traffic to both the website and the business. We observed an increase in traffic of 196% in the last six months because of our integrations throughout the website linking to the Fox and Duck Social Media Accounts, and also because of the optimisations done to both the Website and to Search Engine Optimisation.

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